Facebook Like Button and URL

If you would like to have a facebook like button added to your website, please follow the instructions below to prepare your button.  Note.  You must have created a Fan Page prior to taking these steps

1. Get at least 25 people to "like" your Facebook fan page already created.  Communicate with close friends and family and encourage them to like your facebook fan page.  Also, communicate with existing Facebook friends of your new site to encourage them to "like" your fan page.

2. Once you have 25 "likes" to your fan page, go to Facebook.com/username to choose a URL for your page (business name).  If not signed into Facebook already, please do sign in and select your Fan Page from the "Fan Page Name" menu.

3. Enter a user name that meets Facebook's requirements and click "Check Availability" (alpha numeric characters only).  Once Facebook confirms availability it will be updated to "Facebook.com"and create your new Facebook url (e.g.: facebook.com/johnsbakery).

4. Confirm your choice of user name if it's available.  

5. Now, you will need to visit this url: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box/

6. Follow the instructions and be sure to add your new Facebook URL and it will create the proper code for your like button.

7. Copy and paste that code and forward to your web developer to add the like button.

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