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Folder Adding Products (5)
Includes adding categories and sub-categories
Folder Social Plug Ins (1)
Includes instructions to prepare your site to interact with social plugins

Most Popular Articles

Article Adding Coupons
How do I offer coupons for my customers to redeem? If you want to offer a coupon, you need to first enable the coupon system:Go to:...
Views: 1238
Article Adding Attributes
There are 3 different parts to adding Attributes: 1. Option Type 2. Defining Option Values 3. Attributes Controller Go To: Admin ->...
Views: 1234
Article Adding Products to My Website
How do I add a category, subcategory or product? Creating a category Login to your admin panel, point your cursor at Catalog in the top...
Views: 1230
Article Facebook Like Button and URL
If you would like to have a facebook like button added to your website, please follow the instructions below to prepare your button.  Note.  You...
Views: 1218
Article Adding Gift Certificates
How do I set up Gift Certificates? To sell Gift Certificates in your store, you need to create them as specific products (according to...
Views: 1158

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