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At SmartFox Host and Business Services we believe in the importance of keeping it simple. Web Development in itself is tedious and time consuming, however, our goal is to protect you from the overwhelming complexities involved. We do this by simplifying the process and eliminating all the technical jargon from our conversations in effort to save you the time and headache from the unnecessary details involved. To reach a developer direct, please call(214) 799-9345. If you prefer, you may also e-mail us anytime at for a quick response.

Web Design

Our web design is customized to meet your expectations. Whether you are looking to showcase your products, sell online or simply give a presence to bring more attention to your business, we have a plan that will suit your needs and meet your budget.

Design Time

All sites take approximately 1-2 weeks for development and design. After the first round of completed design, we will share our progress and look for your input as to recommended adjustments. All design work is custom according to your vision. The amount of time it takes to design is determined by the complexity of your project.

Web Hosting

Our hosting services offer e-mail accounts, unlimited band width, unlimited disk space and a hosting control panel to manage your site. Additional features are also available for your custom needs. We are currently offering either a shared or dedicated hosting plan. All websites will also receive up to 3 hours of updates/maintenance each month. Time in excess of 3 hours will incur additional charges.


$500/ 1 Time


Basic website design includes a showcase website displaying your products and prices with your preferred colors and logo. Customized just for you.

$800/1 Time

E-Commerce Design

E-Commerce website with the the same features as Basic Design, however your customers will have the ability to purchase direct through your website.



Hosting includes unlimited bandwidth, disk space, regular back-ups, 3 e-mail accounts and up to 3 hours of web design updates each month.

Cell or E-mail


To reach Carlos direct, please call (214) 799-9345. If you prefer, you may also e-mail me anytime at for a quick response.